For Bosaina, the transition from performer to producer has been a challenge of redefining her layered musical identities. She is perhaps best known as front-woman of several bands in Kairo Is Koming (KIK) a collective of Egyptian musicians and visual artists widely credited for developing Cairo’s electronic music scene.

Her early beginnings on the underground music circuit started with electro outfit Wetrobots <3 Bosaina, a collaboration that saw the singer gain attention for her post-punk attitude and riotous performances in Sharia-ruled Egypt.

She then took a sharp turn into future-pop territory with band Quit Together, escaping to the beach with her two dogs and ZULI to create a genre-bending repertoire of music before finally settling into her own deeply personal space as a solo artist.

It was during an extended stint in New York city that Bosaina developed her hauntingly insular sound whilst studying at leading electronic music school Dubspot: sampling a milieu of details from decaying urban life and transforming them into violently sentimental pieces that stream in and out of consciousness. On the visual front, her love affair with cinema serves as a focal point for many of her intimate productions; dense and distorted soundscapes that combine her affection for vast synths and ambient textures along with percussive elements from life underground.

Bosaina currently serves as the Art Director/Visual Curator for alternative music venue/culture hub VENT.